Refresh & Renew

AAs an exclusive builder in Golden Oak since its inception, Cahill Homes considers it a true honor and privilege to have built homes for many of you. Over the last number of years, the number one question we get asked is “Will Cahill Homes do a renovation on my home?”. Until this point, our reply has been “not at this time”. We have felt very strongly that we owed our time and attention to the new homes that so many homeowners have entrusted to us to build. We simply could not spread ourselves too thin. It would not have been fair.

As the final new homes in Golden Oak are now being completed, we have begun to have conversations internally about what it would look like to start a renovation and addition company, with the goal of operating just like we have always. We recognize that renovations are difficult, time consuming and can be rather pricey. There are a lot of logistics involved to get the job done well.

After giving it much thought, we are excited to introduce REFRESH & RENEW - Golden Oak's premier renovation and addition team.

As a high end renovation and addition company we will pride ourselves on running great logistics and communication, maintaining clean job-sites and completing projects in a timely manner. In order to hit these lofty goals, we will not be able to take every job. Overstretching beyond the number of jobs that we can handle would be a disservice to our homeowners. Currently, we have a few projects going in Golden Oak and a couple of new projects in the architecture stage.

As many of you know, I (Chad Cahill) am a 'no pressure' kind of guy. I am always happy to have a conversation to see if your job is a fit for us and for you to see if we are a fit for you. Our company structure will remain similar to how we have operated in Golden Oak. We are a one stop shop design build company that will be providing a fixed cost pricing structure.

If you are interested in speaking with me about your project, feel free to use the Contact page on this website (it comes directly to me). Or, if you have my cell number – feel free to text or call me directly!

A Few Questions & Answers

Q: What kind of jobs will REFRESH & RENEW be willing to take on?

A: The types of jobs that we will be considering are the larger renovations and additions. Similar to the projects we are currently working on in Kingswell. Adding second/third floors, first floor expansions, etc. At this time, we are not setup for the smaller projects - such as single bathroom remodels or kitchen remodels. If those smaller projects are part of a larger scope, we would certainly handle those for you.

Q: What are the first steps, if we are interested in a REFRESH & RENEW renovation?

A: The first step is to contact me (Chad) for an initial conversation. In this conversation, I can gain a better understanding of what you are looking to accomplish. Knowing your scope of work and when you want to start the work will be important.

Q: Can you give me a price during our initial conversation?

A: Unfortunately, I cannot. Each renovation and addition is different. So much goes into the pricing of a project like this that a price cannot be given without knowing the full scope of work...and in most cases, we will need drawings in order to give a price. Each homeowner has a different level of finishes they desire, as well. Do you like $250.00 chandeliers or $25,000.00 chandeliers?!

Q: What does a "one stop shop design build company" mean?

A:It means that we will facilitate every step of the process. We will engage with the architect and the design team, in order to make the process as smooth as possible for you. We will setup the architecture meetings, selection meetings, etc. We are your renovation concierge! :)

Q: Why fixed cost?

A: We feel that a fixed cost structure is the best possible way to set expectations and to see that expectations are met. In order to have a fixed cost structure, decisions have to be made and the scope of work needs to be determined up front. This allows us, the Builder, to execute the scope of work as fast possible...and it allows you (the homeowner) to know your price upfront.

Q: Will REFRESH & RENEW do work on homes that Cahill Homes did not originally build?

A: Yes, we are certainly able to work on other homes. Being able to get an original set of plans is key in this process.

Q: Can we live in the home during a renovation:

A: Generally, the answer to this question is "no". In most cases, if the renovation includes working inside your home - we will request that you move out. Dust and humidity can do terrible damage to furniture, etc. While moving out is extremely inconvenient, in the long run it will be worth it. We also know that it is very stressful and emotionally taxing to live through a renovation on your home. It is typically best that you don't see us tear up your house, before making it pretty again.

Q: Why are we now willing to do remodel/additions?

A: So many of you have asked. We love Golden Oak and are proud of what we have built since 2010 - both relationships and homes. If our service can be of benefit to you, we would love to be your go to renovation company. I believe you will be pleased with the process and the outcome.