Pick your Pit- Our Top Outdoor Fireplaces

When you begin designing your dream home, you can’t forget about your outdoor oasis. A fireplace or fire pit is a must-have, acting as a focal point for everyone to admire.

At Cahill Homes, we’ve integrated everything from round copper bowls to linear firepits into our homeowners’ outdoor living spaces.

To give you a visual of what a firepit could look like in your backyard, here are 7 of our favorites from a variety of our homes:

1. Cozy Courtyard

This gas fireplace is the centerpiece of the home, resting between the pool and outdoor sitting area. Encapsulated by stone and linear in design, it can be seen from every room in the house, drawing everyone to its warm glow.

Fire JPG

2. Destination Fire Pit

This round fire pit set in tiles and precast stone is a perfect stand-alone focal point. With the addition of a few comfortable chairs, it’s a great destination for an intimate conversation or quiet enjoyment of the outdoors.

firepit 2

3. Fire Water

This is our personal favorite, and if you desire to defy nature, this one’s for you, too. This fire sits in a beautiful copper bowl resting on a pedestal surrounded by water, making it appear like the bowl is floating!

firepit 3

4. Inside Out

This indoor sitting area has an outdoor feel, with retractable screens for a view of the pool and landscape. Fire can be viewed both inside and outside, with a piece of glass as a separator to keep the bugs out.

firepit 4

5. The Great Divide

Also an outdoor fireplace, this one can be seen from the sitting area and the pool as well. Beautifully set by Spanish tile and precast stone, this elegant fire place separates calm cozy seating from fun in the pool.

firepit 5

6. Tuscan Village

This dramatic mantle gives the fireplace a distinguished look. As both the main feature and center point of the outdoor living space, you can’t help but admire the intricate carvings and fiery glow from every area of the courtyard.

firepit 6

7. Stone Mountain

Stacked stones lift up this linear fire pit, giving it a clean and sleek look. Also acting as a centerpiece it is located between the sitting area and the pool, bringing everyone together to admire the orange blaze.

firepit 7

After 40 years of building homes in Central Florida, we’re confident that we can give you an outdoor living space like you’ve never imagined. Whether it’s clean straight lines for a contemporary look, or the grandeur of a magnificent mantle, rest assured that we have something you’ll love.

Now that you’ve seen the attention to detail that we give to outdoor living spaces, head over to our gallery to see the rest of our work.


  • Dec. 25, 2015
  • Category: Blog