Myth Busting: Building a Custom Home is Difficult

Building a custom home is time-consuming and overwhelming, right?

No. Not when you build with Cahill Homes.

Here at Cahill Homes, we’ve encountered plenty of potential homeowners who are afraid they don’t have the time and energy to build a custom home. It seems like it might be easier to simply buy an existing house, or give up altogether on having a new home.

Here’s the plain truth: Ease is determined by your builder. Of course building a home is a complex task, but an experienced, trustworthy builder will walk you through the process and streamline the details for you.

Here are 4 ways Cahill Homes makes building a custom home a breeze for our homeowners:

1. Organization

There are many details to manage when we’re designing and building a home, but our incredible team has the experience and the skill to keep everything in order. This saves you the headache of worrying about details and it ensures that your home will be built with excellence and efficiency.

2. Ability to communicate

Communication is key. With Cahill Complete, we walk you through every step of the design and building process and act as your liaisons to the architect, designer, and building team. Myth Busting- Building a Custom Home is Difficult | Cahill Homes

It’s also important for a builder to communicate well with clients. We keep you in the loop while the building process is underway and help you manage your expectations and keep a realistic outlook.

3. Great relationships with subcontractors

It takes a lot of people to build a home, and we’re proud of the relationships we have with our contractors. We’ve been working with many of these professionals for 25+ years, so our clients can rest assured that every contractor understands and can execute our standards for excellence.

4. Streamline approach

Cahill Complete is an incredibly comprehensive approach to homebuilding — We’ve created a one-stop shop system. Traditionally, a homeowner would have to visit different vendors every time a design decision had to be made. Every plumbing or lighting fixture, flooring choice, and finish would require a separate errand and an afternoon spent looking at samples.

To streamline this process we’ve created a design center in our showcase home where we have samples of every included feature and finish, right down to the color of the swimming pool tile. Our showcase home allows clients to see for themselves the quality of a Cahill home, and our design center is a one-stop-shop for your building experience.

Not only do we build homes, we have designers who can work with you to have your home furnished and decorated when you move in. Can you imagine the ease of moving into a brand new, custom designed, beautifully furnished home overnight? All you have to do is bring your toothbrush and your clothes.

Myth Busting- Building a Custom Home is Difficult | Cahill Homes


We hear it from our homeowners all the time: “This process has been so easy! I can’t imagine building a home any other way.”

Building your dream home doesn’t have to be a hassle. The key is to work with a builder who can organize and execute every detail with excellence, and who can communicate well and guide the homeowner from start to finish.


  • Sep. 30, 2015
  • Category: Blog