A Homeowner’s Guide to Living at Disney World

If you’re a homeowner at Disney World, or you’re thinking about becoming one, there’s only one thing to say:

You will NEVER run out of things to do…

The dining options are endless, the entertainment value is unmatched, and the countless other benefits of living in Golden Oak are unbelievable.

Living at Disney World can actually be a little overwhelming. So we put together a roadmap to help guide your path.


Disney has so many good places to eat, it can be hard to know where to begin. To help you out with decision-making, here are a few places to consider:

In Hollywood Studios, pay a visit to the ‘50s Prime Time Cafe, a classic American restaurant where table etiquette is revered and black and white TVs are on in the background. If it’s just a couple of you, sitting at the bar is a perfect way to experience Prime Time.

If you’re taking someone on their first trip to the parks, Be Our Guest is a must-see experience/restaurant at Magic Kingdom. However, it can be pretty tough to get a reservation, so plan ahead well in advance.

You can usually get into the Plaza Restaurant at the end of Main Street; it has no definite theme, so it’s less crowded, but that allows you to easily get in and taste the excellent food they have to offer.


A Homeowner’s Guide to Living at Disney World | Cahill HomesSpending time in Disney is incomplete without a few snacks, especially if you’re hanging around Epcot. Here’s what we recommend to remedy your sweet tooth:

Sweet pretzels in Norway (with almonds, if you like)

Avocado margaritas in Mexico

“kakigori,” a shaved ice in Japan. Cherry is delicious!


The resorts at Disney are set up perfectly for a fun night with your spouse, or your friends visiting from out of town.

You can start off in the lounge at the Contemporary, order a few more drinks at the Polynesian and Grand Floridian, then make your way to California Grill, where the night is capped by an incredible view of the fireworks.

This is a wonderful way to relax, and it’s also a great way to get to know your Golden Oak neighbors.


Of course, to experience the fullness that Disney offers, you have to work around the regular flood of guests. Therefore, it’s important to keep a few tricks in mind to navigate the property.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Weekends are almost always crowded; try not to do Magic Kingdom on a Saturday.

If you can, avoid going to a park if it’s an “early-entry morning” there.

Try to leave early if it’s a special “late-night” evening at the park you’re visiting.

A few tidbits

A Homeowner’s Guide to Living at Disney World | Cahill HomesIt doesn’t fit into any of the above categories, but definitely check out Yee-haw Bob at Port Orleans. He does a little show in the lounge, and it’s extremely entertaining, especially with a group. You can also let out your inner child at Hoop Dee Doo Review at Fort Wilderness.


When you live at the happiest place on earth, the fun is never-ending. Whether you’re taking an afternoon stroll through Epcot, or getting special access to an attraction at Magic Kingdom — you’ll never regret your decision to build a home at Disney World.

We’ve built many homes in the Golden Oak community, and we’d love to build yours. For more information on how we can build your Disney World dream home, click here.


  • Oct. 7, 2015
  • Category: Blog