6 Insanely Creative Kids’ Bedroom Designs

When you’re building a home, no corner of a room should be glazed over. After all, it’s the intricate detail that gives a home it’s character.

Cahill Homes has always considered intricacy of design a necessity in every home we build. As evidence, take a look at 6 of the themed children’s bedrooms we’ve built.

1) Rapunzel Room

6 Insanely Creative Kids' Bedroom Designs | Cahill Homes

This is a circular bedroom, on the second floor of a tower of the house, inside a turret that fits seamlessly with the rest of the home. The Rapunzel Room, like all the rooms you see here, is hand-painted.

The color scheme in this room mirrors the movie, Tangled. On the wall hang two frying pans, central protective items in Rapunzel’s adventure across the countryside. The keys on the wall are also an important element of the tower in the movie: instead of being trapped, the young girl holds the keys to her lofty tower and can both enjoy it and leave it.

2) Philadelphia Eagles Room

6 Insanely Creative Kids' Bedroom Designs | Cahill Homes

The Eagles Room represents the team inescapably in every direction, which is exactly the impression a fan should feel inside the Eagles stadium.

For the walls, the artist looked at a picture of the real Lincoln Financial Field and painted it, even determining the location of the field goal uprights and jumbotrons in relation to the “field” on the floor.

The bunk beds are custom-built, with a staircase in the middle leading to the “upper stadium.”

3) Frozen Room

6 Insanely Creative Kids' Bedroom Designs | Cahill Homes

Built for a teenage girl, the Frozen Room interprets the icy landscape of the movie without overbearing childishness. It’s covered in jewels: on the ceiling, window treatments, and icicles overhead.

The window treatments are made from a very delicate fabric, giving a richer feel to the room. It also has painted panels—custom trimwork that was cut, then put attached to the wall.

4) Basketball Room

6 Insanely Creative Kids' Bedroom Designs | Cahill Homes

The Basketball Room was built for an infant. It has a true hardwood floor, painted by an expert who actually paints floors in arenas across the country. The wall paintings and overhead light are whimsical and carefully made.

And, of course, there’s the regulation hoop with usable basketballs, making it a room that this baby boy will love growing into.

5) John Deere Room

6 Insanely Creative Kids' Bedroom Designs | Cahill Homes

For the outdoor enthusiast.

The painting on the wall is of the exact homeowner’s tractor in the barn. This room is a perfect representation of the emphasis we place on details.

From the painting – to the sporadic toy decorations – to the John Deere knobs on the cabinets, the theme is incorporated in every corner of the room.

6) Cars Room

6 Insanely Creative Kids' Bedroom Designs | Cahill Homes

Lightning McQueen and friends are all over this one, as seen in the intricate track mural on the wall.

Again, the details go down to even the cabinets, where the knobs are crowned with Cars characters. And thematic signs all over the room, including “violators will be towed”, are just right for the theme.

Real Examples

We hope these pictures give you some tangible examples of our focus and attention to detail; intricacy in design matters deeply to us.

That’s because, in the end, the tiniest details make the biggest difference in taking a room from “That’s pretty neat” to “Wow. That’s incredible!”

If you’d like to see more of the homes we’ve built, make sure to check out our gallery.


  • Oct. 21, 2015
  • Category: Blog